Exploring Grief

Today has been a day of exploring grief in many different ways. It’s been a ride. There have been moments I felt like a ping pong ball bouncing from one extreme experience to the next, waiting to fall off the table and shatter. No shattering so far, lots of crying, a bit manic in Doing Things at times, but… good, all things considered.

This interview with Andrew Garfield and Stephen Colbert is remarkable. I remember being impressed and moved when I first saw it. Now… wow. It hits deep. He says “this grief is beautiful” and hopes it doesn’t go away because “grief is all the unexpressed love I didn’t get to tell her” (this part of the interview begins at 4:35 – but the whole clip is wonderful)

I found my way here through Anderson Cooper’s podcast: “All there is” where he talks with friends about death and grief as he processes the passing of his mother, and the lingering grief of his brother and father’s deaths. It’s an amazing listen when one is in the right space for it – apparently tonight I am. I’ll take that and keep breathing. (thank you Mom / Newelle for the recommendation) (I’m usually terrible at listening to podcast, no idea why, but this one slipped under my guard).

All There Is with Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper takes us on a deeply personal exploration of loss and grief. He starts recording while packing up the apartment of his late mother Gloria Vanderbilt. Going through her journals and keepsakes, as well as things left behind by his father and brother, Cooper begins a series of emotional and moving conversations about the people we lose, the things they leave behind, and how to live on – with loss, with laughter, and with love.

Available on CNN and Apple podcast, probably other places as well.

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