Grief is only love

From today’s reading on grief:

“Grief is only love, it’s nothing to hide or send away with happy pills. Grief is a lifeline connecting two people who are in different realms together, it’s a sign of loyalty and hope.” – Rebecca McNutt- quoted in Grief Day by Day”by Jan Warner

The signs of this continued connection are there (thank you Janelle), it’s my head/heart that has always questioned if this “magic” and “spirit” stuff is ‘real’ or just something I want to believe. oyi.

Is it because I’m a witch that I question? Or does questioning all this stuff undermine (not sure that’s the right word) my ‘witch-ness’? I’ve never known.

I’m chuckling so much at all of this even as I cry? I feel like Dad… not wanted to die to do this work… rather having crossed over he’s all “right, and now I can help THIS way!” rubbing his hands together, ordering his notes, and preparing his etheric podcast plans. Which means I need to trust the process and trust him. – oof.

I really had no idea what this process… quest… thing was going to look like. It’s a fucking Mystery Religion – I saw other people’s scripts, read them even and still knew NOTHING until I started on the path. We can’t know. It’s so different for each situation and each person.

I feel like this needs a photo for color and life and hope. So… here is Dad’s Amaryllis over the last few days – enormous, vibrant, and amazing.

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