I’ve had a love affair with glitter since I was about four years old and in a show called “The Angels of Light” at Theater for the New City in New York. I was one of Mother Nature’s children (there were about five of us and rumor has it I was the youngest). I remember very little about the show except for this shiny bucket of glitter on the side of the stage that NO ONE would let me play with! Things kind of evolved from there.

These days I have a lovely box of glitter on my craft shelf and bottles of glitter lying around on my desk and bits of glitter pretty much everywhere in my house. One of my friends calls my house “the black glittery pit of happiness” which I think is kind of awesome. And I am routinely being sent pictures and memes about glitter from my friends.


Glitter - Copy

I also have a chronic illness that comes with chronic pain and because of that glitter has taken on a new meaning for me. Glitter is anything that makes you smile, that brings a splash of happiness, that pushes the pain or grief back and helps you take one more step forward. On my bad days getting out of the house to just go for a walk can be a huge task. But when I succeed, when I step outside and the sun is shinning and I take a step, I can look down at my clogs all covered in glitter and it helps me to be able to smile and breathe.


Because I am both stubborn and an Aries (which means I can at times be terrifyingly optimistic) I refuse to let my illness define my life. It often describes the boundaries I have to honor or pay a stiff price, but I’m not willing to let it stop me from living. I’m learning that part of living, with or without a chronic illness, is following your passions. My passion is telling stories whether that be through writing tales or crafting sculptures, its all stories for me, so here at Call me Glitter you will find some of the ways my passion is currently manifesting. The Gallery has links to work for sale and others that I just like showing off. The Writing section has links to rituals and invocations I’ve written as well as a few published articles . Hopefully soon there will also be links to published stories and books.

glitter bottles

Call me Glitter being my home, and my life being messy, this blog is a bit of mess itself. My thoughts can range all over the place but I promise there are connecting threads and a solid through line. So, if you like stories and clay and glitter, pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea and settle back. I have stories to share and cats who want to sit in your lap and purr.






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