Gaia, Ceramic sculpture

Gaia is a hand built ceramic statue made from several different clays to represent the different colors and moods of the earth she is a part of. Gaia wears a triple moon crown and a sun burst necklace, in her arms she cradles the fullness of her womb and her unborn child – all the potential that is life. Over her shoulders she wears a cloak of many colors.

Gaia’s body and cloak were built out of Sandstone Buff clay which starts out a warm golden yellow and fires out to a dark stone ground wheat that you can still see in places under the glaze.

Her cloak has a set of full, half and dark moons inlaid into the main form and made from porcelain and a lovely dark clay known as Black Mountain that roll across the sky and behind the tree made from one of the few true red clays. At the base of her cloak are the rolling hills of California or anywhere she walks.

Gaia was dipped in Shino glaze which gives the whole piece an overall moonlit glow. I then wiped the glaze off from the moons to allow them to shine as brightly as possible, and a bit off her face and jewelry. I added a light coating of Green to Black over the lower half of her dress which gives fabric that leaf colored shimmer and painted on more Shino over the tree trunk allowing it to really shine in the moonlight.

Gaia stands 9.5 inches tall, is 9 inches wide from each edge of her cloak and is 8.5 inches deep from the front of her dress to the last ripple of her cloak. She is light weight (for a stoneware piece) and fully fired to cone ten.

Cat offering scale and a bit of love.