Sculpture Gallery

Over the years I have explored many art forms and ways of getting ideas out of my head. Here in the Gallery are some of my favorite completed art pieces.

Ceramic Sculpture

After working with dolls and altering them to form divine images, I began to feel limited by the rigid plastic forms and the fact that I was starting from someone else s work.  I found myself incorporating more an more augmented elements, often from air drying paper clay so it wasn’t too far to leap into actual kiln fired stone-wear. None of these pieces are for sale at this time.

Ceramic commissions are closed at this time.

Lord of the Forest   Gaia, lady of life  Ogun, bringer of progress  Demeter     Quan Yin  Hella Basalt Columns   Persephone

Altar Dolls

These dolls are part art piece, part sacred art, part upcycling. They are all built upon existing dolls from the Robert Tonner Doll Company and modified with paint, fabric, paper clay, fabric, beads, any anything else needed to accomplish the final icon.  With the exception of the first four: Demter Lady of the Grain, Star Goddess, Antlared God, and Steampunk Gaia who are still for sale, these dolls are in private collections.

I am no longer taking commission for altar dolls.

demeter    Star Goddess Antlered God  Steampunk Gaia  Isis of the Healing Winds  Cigana Raina   Oshun of the Dance  Oshub Golden Honey  Oshun Vulture  Oshun Peacock  Oshun Black Knife  Oshun of the River  Oya Warrior Woman  Oya Witch Queen  Oya Wind Dancer  Oya Black Buffalo  Oya Tornado  Oya Cemetary  Oya Storm Queen  Oya Market Queen  Oya Lady of Society  Gaia and the Spirit of Activism  Hekate  Hades       Demeter Mother of the Earth  Kore Maiden of Spring  Persephone  Hermes   Apollo Lord of Light DSC_0012Freyr God of the World Tree  Sister Boob Chicka Boob Boob  Widow Twankey


Altered Horses

Similar to the Altar Dolls, these horses are all built on existing plastic model horse bases and augmented with fabric, paint, sand, and beads. They are all in private collections.

Don Colorado, Earth Horse  Sir EJ, Fire Horse  Kaelin's Water Unicorn










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