Brigid’s Forge / Brigid’s Well Ritual Script


Brigid’s Forge / Brigid’s Well

Created by Robin Dolan, Kate Pennington & Martha Storm

Presented at PantheaCon 2006 and 2007

Between us Robin, Kate,  and Martha represent seven traditions, four BA’s, two graduate degrees, seven cats, three dogs, two children and several lovers/husbands.  We are also all former artistic directors of Magical Acts Ritual Theater (MART).  For Brigid’s Forge / Brigid’s Well we acquired a few additional nuts to help us out.  All 30+ of them are amazing people but now we¹ve lost count of the number of traditions we are, how many kids and lovers we have and which hat to wear when!  “We produce rituals, theater and events; when and if we feel like it and only if it’s fun!

Brigid’s Forge – Brigid’s Well Master Script


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