Glitter is good

I am all about the glitter. Glitter is good, glitter is fun, glitter is ridiculous and it can make a terrible day just a little better because who doesn’t like seeing pretty shiny things?

Glitter, in my world, is anything that makes you smile, that gives you that little boost to keep going or slow down and appreciate what you have. Glitter is whatever we need it to be: a sunset, a cat blinking that silly sleepy look at you, a new pair of shoes, a hug, a nap, whatever… it is something that makes a moment just a little easier.

I’m also currently hip deep in some health stuff. It sucks and I’m soooooo ready to be on the other side of it all but I also know I can’t rush the process and that the other side looks like a damn fine explosion of glitter and higher quality of life for me and my family, so its worth it. But wow it sucks today and I’m a in some serious need of glitter 

so three Glittery things:
1. my cat playing “marco polo” with me (yes, really)
2. my husband who makes me smile and roll my eyes and is his own form of glitter
3. my awesome Baby Whales Breaching painting from Sarah ‘The Rhino Lady’ Soward that is now watching over my desk!

What’s glittery and shiny in your world today?

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